About Oaktus Technologies

Welcome to Oaktus Technologies!

Hello there! I’m Vanderson, an electronics engineer with a master’s degree in computer systems, with over three decades of experience in electronics design and maintenance. My journey spans critical mission products/equipment organizations, where I’ve developed my skills in designing, diagnosing, and repairing complex electronic systems. From guitar/bass effects to complex control systems, I’ve tackled it all.

With expertise in component-level fault diagnosis and repair within various technologies, including valve (tube), solid-state, large-scale integration (LSI), surface mount device (SMD) and micro-soldering. My repair workshop is suitably equipped with modern test instruments and tools.

As a lifelong guitarist and HiFi enthusiast, I’m passionate about optimizing your equipment’s performance and bringing your equipment to life using my electronics knowledge.

Thank you for visiting us!

Warm regards, Vanderson


+44 07922 478 488 (SMS/WhatsApp only)