Terms and Conditions

Before sending any item for service/repair, we strongly recommend that you read the below terms and conditions surrounding our service policy.

Repair Risks

Electronic repairs are unpredictable. Your device may be beyond repair or may be permanently damaged during repair and rendered useless. Circuit board components deteriorate over time and can fail without warning especially on liquid damage devices where components can short circuit, oxidize, corrode and rust over time.

NOTE: Some services performed by Oaktus may void your manufacturer’s warranty. By accepting service from us, you understand and agree that we are not held liable for voiding your device manufacturer’s warranty.

Repair/Service Costs

Our repair service requires a minimum advance payment of £30 per booked repair, deductible from the final bill upon completion. This fee covers initial labour costs for fault diagnosis, with estimates provided upon request. It’s non-refundable and ensures prompt attention to your repair needs. To expedite the process, provide detailed fault descriptions along with your contact information.

For straightforward issues, additional charges may not apply. Complex repairs are billed at £30/hour plus parts, with the minimum charge subtracted. We stand by our work with a three-month guarantee from the completion date, accompanied by an engineer’s report. Any attempts at third-party servicing void this guarantee. While utmost care is taken, we cannot be liable for any injury, loss, or damage post-repair.

NOTE: Uncollected items after three months will be disposed of to cover the repair/storage costs.

Estimate and Repair Time

We pride ourselves on the speed of our repairs, however many of the factors that determine the length of your repair are beyond our control. As such, we will attempt to service your device as soon as possible in the order it was received.

Typically, estimates/quotes are informed via message or email within 2 to 4 working days, with repairs typically completed within 10 working days, subject to part availability. We aim to keep you updated throughout the repair process whenever feasible.

Data Recovery Costs

For all SSDs and USB drives, data recovery incurs an initial cost of £100, plus additional labour hours as necessary. We will provide an estimate before commencing the recovery process.

Rest assured, we strive to recover as much data as possible from your device. Any data retrieved will be transferred to a new drive provided by Oaktus, with associated costs added to the final invoice. Please note that old drives sent by customers will not be returned, as they may be dismantled for data recovery purposes. We cannot guarantee the return of these drives.

At Oaktus we prioritize the security and privacy of our customers’ data. We are committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines regarding data handling. Rest assured, your personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is used solely to provide our repair services. Your trust and privacy are of paramount importance to us.


Prior to shipping any equipment for servicing or repair, kindly get in touch with us to obtain shipment details. Upon receiving these details, we’ll generate a unique customer client code and work order number, which must be referenced in all communications.

Service Completion

All repaired equipment will include a full report of work carried out, hours spent and parts replaced. This report will also include a client code and work order number for future reference. 

Limited Warranty

We stand behind our repairs with a comprehensive 90-day warranty. If any issue listed on the original work order resurfaces within this period, we’ll re-service your device at no additional cost. Additionally, all parts utilized in the repair are guaranteed for 90 days from the service date.

Please note that our warranty covers issues directly related to the services performed or the original diagnosis. Any unrelated malfunctions within the warranty period will be assessed for repair costs accordingly. Refunds are only considered if we’re unable to resolve the issue, minus the minimum advance payment fee and return shipping.

NOTE: Customers are responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty repairs.

Warranty Exclusions

We do not offer warranties or guarantees, explicit or implicit, on any of the following:

  • Any service using parts not purchased through Oaktus
  • Any software issues, including virus removal, Operating system installation
  • New symptoms/issues not directly tied to the original service within the 90-day guarantee period
  • Installing new hardware or modifying existing hardware in the 90-day guarantee period voids the Oaktus limited warranty


You are welcome to contact us by completing the contact form, sending an email, or contacting us via WhatsApp or SMS. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to receive phone calls.


+44 07922 478 488 (SMS/WhatsApp only)